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  • A Google User a year ago
    Took my 2011 Nissan Sentra in to get the windows done back in late 2010, Steve did a great job. Was done in about an hour, I had that car for almost 3yrs never had a problem. Just got a upgrade and I have already scheduled my appointment with Steve so he can work his magic on the window of my 2013 Sentra. I wouldn't go anywhere else! Need your windows done give Steve a call!

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    a year ago
    In 2005 I was looking for a place to tint the windows on my new Dodge Dakota. A friend of mine recommended Tint Pros and I was not disappointed! Steve is very knowledgeable about the various types of tint available and gives you all of the options up front; the price he quotes is the price you pay. Since then I have brought 5 vehicles to Tint Pros and recommend them to all of my friends and family. If you are looking for the best tint job in town then look no further than Tint Pros!

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    4 years ago
    Nice guy, keeps you updated with any changes. I've done my 1999 Nissan pathfinder, 2006 Chrysler 300, and 1999 Mitsubishi mirage there. They all cost me under $200 and they all came out perfect. Highly recommended. Nathan Morin

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    2 years ago
    I just had my Camry se 2010 done at this place. I was deceived from the outside of the shop. Went in. Had a great service from the owner Steve. Very honest and conservative. I got to watch how he put on the ceramic tint. I totally felt a peace about this service. He makes his job look easy and artistic. Reasonable price compared to the other places. Thanks Steve!

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    2 years ago
    I looked for a new Tint place after the one I used previously kept giving me the run around when it came to setting up appointments. Thats when I found Steve @ TintPros. He carries a great verity of films and prices everything very fairly. I have now had over 7 cars done with him and no regrets anytime. In fact Im here writing their review as I was looking up their number on Google to get my 8th car done there.

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    3 years ago
    I've just had all the windows tinted on my old 1996 Saab 900S at Tint Pros for a reasonable price and in 1-1/2 hours...exactly what was quoted. The windows look terrific and my car looks beautiful. Steve is a knowledgable professional who answered all my questions and treated me fairly. I will bring my other cars to Tint Pros and recommend them to anyone looking for a great auto-tint place. David Schwartz - Henderson.

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    2 years ago-
    Most of September was spent researching window tinting shops and types of films. Since I lived close to Tint Pro's near Sunset and the U.S. 95 I dropped by and talked to Steve the owner! He spent valuable time going over the various tints and applications available. He showed me his State of the Art, Cutting edge computer cutter that cut the films to the exact specifications. As I watched him finish another customers car, I was extremely impressed by the quality and careful installation of the film. Having been in the industry for over 35 years, it was easy to see why Tint Pro's is used by several City and County Agencies for their tinting needs. I was explained all the Nevada state laws, shades and types of films including the new Nano-technology that has recently hit the markets. Steve was very personable in explaining the various safety advantages and needs for the various films. Scheduling and completion times where spot on! I had both mine and my wife's Mercedes tinted and my daughters new BMW as well. Upon completion of the Vehicles, Steve also explained how he has saved customers hundreds of dollars a year by applying the Window Films to their homes and office buildings reducing electric bills and adding privacy. All around a wonderful Experience! I'll recommend Tint Pro's to all my friends and family. Five Stars for Tint Pro's Henderson. AL Lane

  • A Google User
    4 years ago
    Getting ready to take my 5th & 6th car in for tinting! Family has been going here for almost 10 years, NEVER an issue, ALWAYS great quality and service!

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    3 years ago
    Excellent work- no kid applying the window film. Highly recommended.

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  • Took our 2014 Nissan to Stephen at tint pros. He tinted our two previous cars and we were extremely satisfied with the work that he does. We did all four windows and not one has any bubbles!! Flawless work and extremely reasonable prices. We highly recommend Tint Pros!


  • Had a very good experience. Steve was very quick and really knows his craft of window tinting. Looked very professional and the outcome was excellent. I would recommend this to all neighbors of las Vegas and henserson area. Good Job Steve!!!


  • Had two Windows tinted. Steve the owner is very nice and is very informative on the different tint options. Install only took 20 minutes and it looks great. Am going to go back to have our windshields tinted.


  • I went to get my driver side and passenger side windows tinted it was 50.00 very reasonable. They told me it would take 30 min and it did that never happens I'm gonna go back and get tint on my windshield highly recommended
  • I had a great experience with Tinting my windows here.  Before actually coming here to get my windows tinted, I had called around to get some price quotes.  Tintpros is competitive on their prices, and seemed to be cheaper than the other quotes I got.  This time around for my new car I was looking to getting ceramic tinting done.  It is a bit more expensive, and when summer time comes around, I'll really know whether it was all worth the extra $115.  I decided to go this route so my car doesn't have to work as hard to cool the inside, PLUS I have black interior. 

    I called one morning to see if Tintpros had any open availability the same day, and Stephen said that if I brought in my car now (830am), he should be able to squeeze me in, in case of a no show.  I managed to drop the car by 12:00pm after running a few errands.  It was a bit out of my way, and a bit hard to find.  The location of TintPros is not too far from the 95 past the Galleria mall.  When you find the sign, it is easiest when you pull up from the back.  

    Luckily, he was not working at a car at that time, so he was able to run me through the selections that I could choose.  He has the tint posted in the office on a wall, showing the differences in shades that you can select.  I've tinted my windows dark before (too dark of visibility), so its really helpful to have the actual tint in comparison to each other.  

    I asked him about the difference in the Ceramic technology to the standard tint, and he even had a display for that too.  He had the HQ and the Ceramic tint next to each other, you put your hand on the glass, and on the other end he had a Halogen lamp, then you put your hand against the glass.  You can actually feel the heat difference.  After that test, I was sold on getting the ceramic tinting.  I picked the 10%, it looks like the tint of 35% of the HQ tint.  

    After just a few hours, my car was ready.  Stephen gave me the run down, the warranty, etc.  I took a look at my car, and barely saw any noticebly bubbles to keep my eye out on.  Every tint place will say it will go away over time, Tintpros didn't have to say that because the tint was superb.  He even wiped down the car so that I don't have the noticeable water marks on my car.  

    I've mentioned Stephen's name throughout the review, he is the owner, he does the tint himself.  A young kid is not doing the tint, so no mess in or out of the car, no stinky aroma of body odor in your car (its happened to me, and hello?! you can't air out your car by rolling down the windows!).  His years of experience shows in his workmanship, he is courteous and helpful, and if I have another car to tint, I'm for sure giving him my business.   

    I highly recommend!
  • 7/2/2013
  • Called and got an appt for next day. Got called before appt to come in early. Windows look great! Very good price!! Thanks Steve!! Small one man shop, but you get the personal touch.
  • I've had Tint Pros tint all three of my cars and Steve does a excellent job. His workmanship is great and for the quality of work his prices are outstanding. Tint Pros won't let you down .
    • Came into Tint Pros about 2 weeks ago inquiring about the cost of tinting my 2 front windows since i've already had my back windows tinted.  Great location, right off of the 515 and easy to find (just look for a bright yellow banner).  Price was just in the range I was willing to spend, so I asked if I needed to make an appointment and to my surprise, Steve said he was able to do it immediately.  That was a huge plus for me because I hate waiting days to get something done.  We talked about what type of tint I wanted and showed me examples of darkness ranging from 50% to 5%, since I wanted the tint to match my current tint, I went with 5%. About 30 minutes later, he was done and he did a TERRIFIC job! Tint matched my back windows flawlessly.  Don't hesitate to bring your vehicle in.


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    • Just had a terrific experience tinting my new 2011 CRZ with Tint Pros so I wanted to share the good word.  Steve at Tint Pros was originally recommended to me by a friend who happens to be a car nut so I was very happy to get their recommendation, and I'm very glad I took it.  From the first phone call, Steve was very pleasant to work with.  Price was more than fair, and he allowed me to wait and watch as he applied the tint on my 2 week old vehicle.  One feature I was very pleased with was the way he cut the tint, he actually had a machine cut out most of the pieces, so each cut was very clean and precise, versus cutting the tint by hand.  The only piece his machine could not cut out was the front windshield, which I had a very faint tint applied that still reduces the heat by 43%.  His 36 years of experience was vary apparent as he applied the front tint as a single piece and extreme ease.  The only reason his years of experience stuck in my head is because he started tinting when I was born.  =)  Thanks Steve for a terrific tint job...

    (702) 456-TINT (8468)